Using The Seasonal Slower Pace To Relax, Recharge And Reflect

As a creative entrepreneur, you may ask yourself if there is ever a good time to stop what you are doing for a minute and take stock?

In Europe August is dubbed the silly season, high summer, families on holiday, and depending on the industry you are in a lot of businesses see this as the time to wind down, take things slow for a few weeks and in some cases even shut up shop as said to be the case in parts of Southern Europe!

This is a time to relax and mentally recharge before things pick up again in preparation for the Christmas season, one of, if not the most busiest time of year for a lot of businesses.

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The Power Of Self-Belief

One of the hardest things about starting a business and putting your product or service out into the world is having the self-belief that you can do this. And self-belief much like the fear of failure can hold us back from fully realising our visions. Our self-belief is attacked by self-depreciating words and statements such

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Are You Standing In The Path Of Opportunities?

For opportunities to find you, you need to be standing in their way. There is a myth that opportunities happen to lucky people, but the truth is that opportunities come to us everyday, ready to be found if only we take the time to look in the right places. Looking in the right places refers to

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The Ten Year Rule, Fact Or Fiction

If you read my review of the book Never Too Late To Be Great, you would have seen mentioned the Ten Year Rule. As someone who switched careers from graphic design to writing and publishing via a stint as a jewellery designer, I find the Ten Year Rule fascinating. The theory being that it takes

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BOOK REVIEW: Never Too Late to be Great

We live in a world that celebrates youth and the underlying message that if you haven’t made it by a certain age you never will. Living in an online world driven by a youthful audience of digitally savvy Millenials and Gen Z’s means they inevitably make up a large portion of the success stories we

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PART 2: What Is Branding?

Having discussed the definition of a brand in PART 1: ‘What Exactly is a Brand? we now look to Branding. Branding is the process of creating and communicating a brand. A brand as we touched on in PART 1 is made up of a number interdependent elements that work together to create the overall experience you

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PART 1: What Exactly Is A Brand? A Definition

Before I became an entrepreneur I was as a full-time graphic designer and subsequently brand guardian. I did this for many years working both in the private and public sector, and as an employee and freelancer, and I can safely say that a ‘Brand’ is one of those elusive terms that confuses many (even designers)- we

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